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Project emerging Journeys End : LUGDUNUM
Rob Hope has been making earth science and archaeology films for French television since 2008; actively involved with film making from A to Z: from initial film idea, researching, writing (in French and/or English) and making contacts with relevant scientists, and presentation of a project to a producer: to storyboard, filming and narrating the film itself… as well as editing and ‘making’ of the film.
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'The story of Hadrian’s Aqueduct in the Lugdunum region of France, and that of Hadrian’s Wall… finishing with the battle of Albinus and Severus within Lugdunum itself.'
Coming Soon : Symbiosis
Music : Thomas Mélique ; Narrations: Rob Hope ; Illustrations : E. Roudier
Symbiosis ; Land of Neanderthals (short 3’ clip) Y.N Productions Written and directed by R. Hope 52’ for Montagne TV (spring 2013). French and English versions We venture on a trail into our distant past, asking; who were the Neanderthals? The answer, in part, lies entangled in the ancient hinterlands of Neanderthal territories. In those territories numerous caves conceal Neanderthal debris, including their discarded flint tools. Petrological analysis of those flints fingerprints the provenance sites of these tools to specific outcrops within the landscape. Through this, we now understand where Neanderthal went through the land… Rob Hope follows the trail in a quest to understanding these enigmatic nomads... and meets with specialists J P Raynal, M H Moncel, Camille Daujeard and J Combier of France’s CNRS research department, as well as Svante Pääbo, of the Max Planck Institute and A Defleur.
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Rob Hope
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