Lost in France : a series of astonishing true stories

Researching historical documents, we bring to life a series of remarkable true stories from France.
A narrator takes to the trail as each and every individual episode re-traces the facts, whether it be a sinister murder, a charismatic adventure, or an unlikely popular uprising.
The unravelling of each episode takes us through the heart of France, across spectacular landscapes, into enchanted castles and eerie dungeons, to one-stop regional gastronomic delicacies… losing ourselves in France, we interview historians and researchers thus getting an in depth account of a pragmatic personality, and their against-the-odds story.

-The cross of the dead man at the mountain pass (1795)
-Finding the lost treasure of Baron de Lubac and Viscount Lepic (1869)
-Richard Heslop: the Vercors resistance (1944)
-Across the mountains: Stevenson’s Escape (1875)
-Mandrin: thief of thieves (1750)